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WHO HELPED is a new digital paper & media subsidiary owned by Carer.

Carer    is a public help resource for all common needs

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Ask a question and you allow people searching the internet better opportunity to find your comments, and respond with answers or ask for similar help.

Remember, in the Public Discussions the people you help will stay on your Profile, FOREVER.



One Life  -  Live it

Healthier and Wealthier


Discover Canada's largest help service

*Honerable life stress statistics from source

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Who is watching you help?

For starters, everyone! If you are online, you are connected. So be true to yourself, genuine, authentic, but mindful before you ask or offer help.


Your actions have effects, in doing your best your value is created and extended.


Aside from those who give you kind advice or recieve your good advice, there are of course people looking on with important duties. And for good reason.


The best companies vetted by the ILP Canada wide, they know

The astute people working in their HR departments, they know

The CEO's of some of the best companies in Canada, they know

The law makers and learned officials serving country, they know

The visionaries who donate Time, Money & Wisdom, they know


You, you know. is a place you can engage people at the right time, whenever they need it!

Start by saying hello with a brief note suitable to you. Don't aim for perfect, just be you!


Just remember, this is also the general help area for people looking for unspecified help.


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