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Carer    is a public help resource for all common needs


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Are you researching help options?

   -Talk with a Nationwide Audience and discover new answers.

Do you need a Local professional?

  - Talk in private with the Best Local Professionals in your town.



In fact, Carer also helps the specialists who are helping you!


From home care & cleaning help to physical assistance, abuse, addiction, financial support and more, try asking Carer for the help you or your family members need.


'We stay with you to make sure you're actually in the best hands'.

Discover Carer's new HELP & research services for YOU and ALL Canadian residents.

All Healthcare Workers

Give or Get help from your colleagues and show industry & employers how you care in a Canadian focused worldwide public discussion. Learn more here

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Helpful Businesses & Organizations

Assist suitable help requests from the general public (apply here) or demonstrate your company's values in the public & healthcare staff 'Help' discussions.

Your company profile will show all healthcare workers your influence in the industry.

General Public - Canadian citizens asking for help

Request private help: Physical Help, Mental help, Senior Care, Child Care, Home Care, Addiction Help, Financial Help, Legal Help, Employment Help, and more...

You can also Give or Get help in a Canadian focused, Worldwide public discussion.

Carer provides other important services including:

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- Healthcare jobs in Canada, is the prime real estate for FREE job ads and ALERTS.

- A New online paper is published every Monday, this is where we all see who's helping!

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Looking to hire good staff?



Carer is a focused resource where good people frequent!

Looking to work with a good company?



Carer is a focused resource

where good people frequent!

A direct and faster way to being helped.

Ex: If your need is money, click 'Help Request' & then click Financial for help options

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