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ILP & Monthly Rewards


The ILP consists of 8 industry leading professionals, publicly recognized for their expertise helping others, to help you. They can be found here.

These exceptional people span across the 10 provinces and the 3 territories.


The ILP work with the best companies in their industry, to ensure the best help is available to those in need.


Carer and the ILP combine in a central public resource, helping facilitate betterment to both sides of the healthcare industry. People needing care, and care for the healthcare people. In addition, the ILP also extends across non-health related help through a wholly owed subsidiary of Carer; ''.


Carer and it's subsidiaries provide funds to the ILP, for their monthly deliberation on where it is needed and how it is to be spent. People, companies, organizations, nothing worthwhile is off the table.

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Careers at Carer

If you think you know someone who is worthy of ILP Group recognition, or if you have seen someone in the Open Discussions that you feel deserves recognition, Click Here.

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ILP & Monthly rewards


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