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In fact, do you believe you can be of genuine help to your brothers and sisters, regardless of their job or background? Think fast, as is where the general public are also free to instantly ask for help in our live discussion areas, or via full private help service options.


Mindful communication can lead to 'breakthrough thoughts' and 'healing moments'. Working through a challenge is best achieved from an information exchange with others who understand your plight.


We have always known we are better together, this is where you can prove it. Choose your specific option below to help.



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Healthier and Wealthier

*combined research in Europe, Canada and the USA

i help with your collegues, lift them.

       Give or get help, right here!

Show us you care.   Industry & Employers are watching you...

Healthcare Professionals


- ALL STAFF - are you publicly or privately working to look after others...

Helpful Companies

- Companies & Organisations - do your services look after or help others...

General Public

- Work from home - It's not always the patients that need help....




Statistics released under international Freedom of Information legislation*, show that almost a quarter of days off are now due to mental issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. Mostly, the people who care for us. Doctors, Nurses...






What the people do, is what shines the brightest. Canadian's come together in the most unselfish and wholly authentic way, every time one of us is hurting or in need. We give ourselves over so completely that it is a self-evident testament to Canadian oneness.


It is suggested that Canadian's lead 'integrity' by example to, and aside, the rest of the world. Amongst the good and bad that forms any modern society, we have great heart and compassion to lessen the challenges of those we can help, often doing so completely unnoticed!  Well many people, companies & organisations do in fact notice when you demonstrate your values, your ethics, and your effort. These are only some of the enduring principles that reside in our will, but they are exceptionally strong in our nature.

Every country, has it's qualities.  What's Canada's best?

Now if they are there for us, can we be there for them?

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