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Tutoring (Home School);


A tutor can address any special needs and work to ensure that the pupil is getting help in those areas that need the most attention. You can also set your goals and objectives in an individualized program specifically designed for the pupils needs.

Most often the tutoring relates to an academic subject or test preparation.


Chauffeuring (Driver);


Originally, such drivers were often personal employees of the vehicle owner, but now in many cases specialist chauffeur service companies or individual drivers provide both driver and vehicle for hire, although there are service companies that just provide the driver.


Home Cleaning;


The scope of work may include all internal, general and routine cleaning - including floors, tiles, walls, lighting, furniture, windows, washrooms, kitchens and dining areas, and other periodic cleaning as required.




The gardener's labor during the year include planting flowers and other plants, weeding, pruning, grafting, removal of dead flowers, mixing and preparation of insecticides and other products for treating pests, and tending garden compost. Weeds tend to thrive at the expense of the more refined edible or ornamental plants.

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