The Heart of Canada project is a national initiative to showcase all Canadian healthcare staff, healthcare organizations, and the general public who truly help.


REAL WORLD HELP SITUATIONS where YOU are witnessed helping LIVE by everyone. Your profile will show ALL of the people you have helped, or asked for help (Anonymous options available).

Want to show you can help as much or more than qualified healthcare staff? Ok, prove it here.

healthcare staff

Which one are you?

Healthcare Staff

Be seen truly demonstrating decency, ability and compassion.

Those who are seen to help, are rewarded by Captains of Industry and Industry Leading Partners (ILP Group)


General Public

Do you really care? Do you go beyond expectation? Does anyone know, and have you ever been rewarded? Demonstrate your values here.


All rewards are published in the weekly edition of



Add your business logo to your profile where the help your organization actually gives, is shown. To receive suitable private referrals, apply here.

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Give or get help from Private specialists nationwide or in the public help area.


At 'you are witnesed' interacting in Real World Help situations for both Public and Collegial help.

Only approved companies can receive suitable private referrals, in line with their services.

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