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Canadian's are officially among the most fortunate people in the world when it comes to the progression of human decency and action.

The Federal and Provincial Government has long been implementing services that go beyond the high standards of many comparable countries, and they continue to evolve in ease of accessibility Canada wide. We are actually, very fortunate!


Of course, the nature of change, evolvement and betterment are driven by time, mankind and effort. A government's journey to cater for all needs of every citizen is likely a significant quest, forever in a utopian progress.


Our biggest moments of growth as a nation came to pass when areas of betterment were upon us, and together we took care in reaching worthwhile goals.  


We live and work in a favorable country for betterment. Authorities and governing bodies where our family's, our brothers and sisters are all working forwards towards our betterment. We must remember, Helping out when needed is a value we ought not squander. Here's Why:



Helping Health care


Statistics released under international Freedom of Information legislation*, show that almost a quarter of days off taken by care related workers including doctors and nurses are now due to mental issues such as stress, anxiety or depression.


These emotions can thrive in isolation to consuming levels. Working through a problem is best achieved from an information exchange with others who understand your plight. Discussions provide communications that can lead to 'breakthrough thoughts' and 'healing moments'.


From a clean home or a hospital nurse taking your pulse, these are the people helping us every day, and we must also remember to help them. The statistics are clear, the answer is clearer. Carer is a place for ALL healthcare workers to log in anonymously or publically and be helped by us, their collegues direct and anyone who can illuminate their path. A place where further private specialist help can also be found, just as any member of the Canadian public can request here at any time.


Who did you truly help today? Helpful information in the public discussion may just help a little more.