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FAQ's for general public

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a Carer?

Anyone who 'Actually' helps other people with a need.  Being a Carer, is a selfless activity for the

benefit of others. You can be anyone, in any employment and still be a carer.

All healthcare occupations require compassion and an inate ability to care for others. Healthcare staff simply

care for more people.


How does Carer help me?

Carer's new online service is a direct empowerment for giving or getting help, and you are at the center! Your discussion results are immediately visible, offering manageable assistance. In addition, Carer also partners with the leading companies across Canada, providing many types of services to better help people in need.


Who Should I help?

You can talk with anyone in the public help center. Your comments and all the help you give will be visible to everyone via your profile. Demonstrate your values here.


How do I create a Profile?

Carer partnered with Disqus for an authentic public experience, and to ensure any new and important information around the world is available for inclusion. When you comment, a Disqus free account is automatically created for you.


I have a technical question related to my free Disqus account?

Click here


What Happens when I ask for help or advice?

Helps more than you, as your comments are SEO compliant and people will find your comments. In asking for help, you also create help for others to find! They can also find your profile!


Who are the ILP?

Carer has partnered with Industry Leading Specialists (ILP) to help ensure only the best companies are available to help where needed, across all provinces in Canada. If you or your family need help, Carer is the first place to ask.


What are the monthly rewards?

Every month, the ILP and Carer can select members who have made a difference to others, and reward them. This is the most direct and accountable pay-it-forward service online. Talk about what you need, show us what you do.