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Open or private assistance for Every Canadian, in their local area.

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As the newest and largest intended network of reputable help services in Canada, Carer provides a unique integration where hearts and minds come together.


The people talking in the discussion help areas on this site are live, real, and in the moment just in case they can help. Simply, they care. Are you one of them yet?

It doesn't cost anything other than your complete understanding that maybe, just possibly, your reply may make a big difference to someone suffering without the knowledge you have to offer! Please respect the importance of sharing knowledge when, and where it is needed. Pay-It-Forward, check! Random acts of Kindness, check! You, check?


Our Open members keep-an-eye on specific discussion areas via email alerts. When someone needs advice or to talk, they respond. Hearts and minds...

Our Private partners keep-an-open-ear on private help requests via Carers services. When someone needs 'the right' local company, Carer connects them. Standards...


So Please Be a Direct Influence: When you give a gift to Carer, you declare the specific area that you wish to influence. See below.

Your donation will help someone, 'who is' helping others

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Reward and Donation services will be available soon.

Please check back, or contact us with any questions.

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