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Engaging your local community does NOT have to be a costly process.

In fact, on it is FREE to showcase your companies activities.


Telling people or Selling people on what you do and how you do it has long been the initial standard to marketing your business. Is this the best we can do? No. Showing people What you do and How you do it, IS.


When you write one simple comment in the public discussion, your free company profile is automatically created for you. Add your company logo and a link to your website. Your one comment can be indexed by google and all major search engines. Your comment(s) will show on your profile, therefore any person who identifies with the information you write will be able to easily understand what you do and how you do it. Replies to your comments are automatically emailed to you, where you can post a reply directly from your email inbox.


Click here to introduce your company to your local community, for free.



Receive Private Enquiries:


You may receive private enquiries from people in your local area upon approval by the ILP. Click here to apply.



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