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"You are the Captain's of this Industry, it is your duty to help your staff no less than the needs of a new client.  Carer provides you both."


Staff wellness and performance are critical to achieving the needs of your clients.

Organisations & Governing Bodies:

Staff wellness and performance are critical to achieving the needs of private clients and patients.

Please click here to forward any important information to the ILP.

There is a huge number of people working within this noble industry, a huge number!


The importance of our looking after these good people has a direct impact on their livelihood, which in turn reflects on their professional productivity. Making sure staff are cared for is our first duty.


They want to do well, you want them to do well, the statistics point us to how!

Carer is looking out for them, for you, and for every Canadian needing help.


Reply to those in your area & help staff here, or apply to the ILP to receive suitable help requests here.

All kinds of care services across Canada can be found here on

This unique partnership with the industry 'captains' results in quality guidance and better prepared industry advancement.

When you apply to the ILP group to receive suitable new help requests, you are helping your community, and your business.

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