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When help is needed, Carer is the first place to ask.


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need help?   We help You in the following areas:

Find the Best local help in the following areas:

Mental Help & Care

  - Grief or Loss Counseling, Depression, Psychotherapy, Episodic or Chronic Stress

Senior Help & Care

   - Home Care, Care Homes, Cooking/Cleaning, Companionship & Social contact

Child Help & Care

   - Midwife's, Newborn, Behavioral or Nanny services

Home Help & Care

   - Cleaning, Cooking, Caregiving or General Home Help

Addiction Help & Care

   - Drugs, Alcohol, Pharmaceutical abuse

Financial Help

   - Debt Consolidation, Financial Loans, Credit Repair or Mortgage Help

Legal Help

   - Family Law or Divorce, Civil Disputes, Immigration or Criminal Law

Physical Help & Care

  - Physical Therapy, Health & Healing, Cosmetic Surgery/Ailments, Disability

Healthcare Staff Help

  - Collegue discusion forum, private chat rooms, local professional services

Employment & Training

  - Best Employers, Qualification & Training Services

Peer Recognition Reward

   - Most Helpful monthly Awards, Your Actions are seen by the Best companies

Help & Care

  - All Help Services  are open to All Staff* for colleague or private assistance

*The term 'All Staff' relates to ALL healthcare professional workers in ALL care services, both public and private.

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About You

Carer is a public help resource for all common needs


Each division of is governed by a qualified Industry Leading Partner (ILP) to ensure specialized help, across every province in Canada. This means whenever you or your family needs extra help, only the very best people, companies and organizations can talk to you.


With ILP guidance and generous rewards to helpful members in the live discussion area, Carer also provides ALL healthcare professionals instant access to a public help center, to give-and-get help from colleagues or a world-wide audience. Be Helped - Openly, Anonymously, or Privately.

When you seek help with Carer, professional people, companies and organizations that operate via the best care and wellbeing ethics and practice will come to your side. Handpicked for their dedication, vetted for their business practice, and available to quickly evaluate and help address your worries.

"For society"

-Steve A. Thomas is amazing

Positioned to be the largest healthcare network in Canada, also operates the following

3 national services;

Live Discussions (all staff):

At 'you are witnessed' interacting in Real World Help situations from the Public and your Colleagues.

Private Help (leading companies):

Only approved companies can receive suitable private referrals, in line with their services.

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